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Soils & Compost

Please be aware that while all our soils are blended from a quality screened soil base and premium composts we cannot guarantee that weeds seed will not be present.

Vegetable seedling suitable for planting in platinum vegetable soil mix available from the Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Platinum Range   Blended on Site

Vegetable, Herb and Flower Soil

This soil is perfectly suited for vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and flower beds. Blended from a quality clean loam with the addition of a 24 week certified organic cow compost , mushroom compost, composted organic material, rock minerals, gypsum and 100% natural coir pith to aid in moisture holding capacity.

Due to its high Nitrogen and Phosphorous content it is not recommended for natives which are better suited to our Platinum Landscape Blend.


The Doonan Valley Garden Centre next door to The Yard has an extensive range of vegetable and herb seedlings including hard to find edible native plants.

Platinum lansdape Soil available at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Platinum Range   Blended on Site

Landscape Soil

This soil mix is suitable for all garden plantings including MOST natives.  

To lower the phosphate content for natives, this soil contains a lower rate of the premium composts, humus and gypsum than our Vegetable Soil, and has a neutral pH of 6.8.  

Coir is also added to aid in water retention and root development.


Know the pH of your soils

Whether you’re planting natives or citrus, veggies or flowers or even fertilising your garden, knowing the pH of your soil is important to make sure your plants thrive and you get the benefit from your fertilisers. Watch this video on youtube to learn how to test your pH…it’s easy

Potting Soil available at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Platinum Range   Blended on Site

Potting Mix

This is a lightweight mix of soil, finely composted bark, organic cow compost and coir. The coir dramatically increases the moisture holding capacity of the soil. It is light, odourless, 100% natural and environmentally sustainable. 

The cow compost is a genuine compost not a manure. It has been composted for 24 weeks and is certified organic. It  provides the basic slow release nutrients.

We suggest the addition of a slow release fertilizer recommended for the specific type of plant being potted.


How to aerate soil in potted plants?

You can aerate soil in potted plants by breaking up the existing soil, mixing aerating additives into the soil, changing to a porous pot, or changing to a more lightweight, aerated potting mix.

Turf Top Dress soil available at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Platinum Range   Blended on Site

Turf Top Dressing Mix

Revive and rejuvenate your lawn with our platinum blend of premium soil, river sand, crusher dust (for mineral content) and our certified cow compost/fertilizer. Easy to spread, quick to give you a response in those struggling patches or to boost your entire lawn. Please note that due to the soil component of this blend, the mix may contain small pebbles and sticks however these can be raked out during spreading.

  • Spread to a 10mm depth only – the leaf blades should always be showing, so don’t smother
  • Use a lawn leveller or a plastic rake to spread the soil.
  • Water in well after laying.

If you are top dressing a new lawn be sure to wait a full 12 weeks until the lawn is established. Idealy it should be carried out the first spring after it is laid.


Turf 2

General Range   Blended on Site

Under Turf Mix

Our under turf mix is a blend designed to use when preparing a base for new turf or for lawn seeding. It is a loam and sand blend that contains our organic fertiliser mix that provides an ideal start to make your lawn power ahead. The purpose of sand in the mix is to provide a friable base so that the lawn roots can establish quickly.

We also have a Platinum Top Dressing fertilized sand to revive old and struggling turf.


How to prepare your base for turf?

Preparing your base before you install turf will determine how quickly it establishes and how well it grows in future. Key steps include removing existing grass and vegetation, improving the structure of your soil whether by cultivating it or adding organic material and ensuring an even surface.

Our garden blend soil is an entry level fertilised garden soil. available from The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Superior Range

Garden Blend Soil

Our Garden Blend soil is recommended as our entry level fertilised garden soil. A blend of screened loam, compost, pelletised chicken manure and coal ash it is suitable for the home gardener looking for a suitable addition to some of the poorer soils on the coast. 


We use a screened soil as the base for all our premium soil blends at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

General Range

Screened Soil

We use this clean, screened topsoil as the base for all our soil mixes. You can use it as an all purpose soil if you don’t want any added organics.

It is suitable for most garden uses including under turf, however is not recommended for top dressing.  


Trade Soil2

Budget Range

Trade Blend Soil

This is our budget, entry level soil blend. The Trade Blend is a blend of soil and compost for those that want good quality budget soil. It is not fertilized but is suitable for all large scale garden plantings. The addition of the mulch aids drainage and water holding capacity. 


Fill Soil available at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Budget Range

Fill Soil

This product is unscreened soil from local excavation sites. It is a cost effective alternative for backfilling. It may contain rock and sticks. Ask regarding the quality as it can also be very good.


Mushroom Compost available at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Superior Range

Mushroom Compost

Spent mushroom compost is an ideal soil additive to improve fertility and add organic material to your vegetable of garden beds when added to the top 75-100mm of your soil. 

Our mushroom compost is steam treated to kill spores and with an average pH of 6.6 it will improve soil structure, reduce crusting and improve drainage. 


Organic Cow Compost available at The Yard Landscape and Garden Centre, Doonan

Superior Range

Natura Lift Organic Cow Compost

This product is a genuine compost not a manure.

Cow manure and a carbon source are composted and turned over a 24 week period. The heat generated in this process kills all weed seeds and pathogens and ends up as a rich humus ideal for use as a soil conditioner and fertiliser.  Produced on the Darling Downs this is a quality product that provides slow release nutrients that become available over time.

pH tested at 7.4. Apply at rates of 2 to 3kg per sqM on your lawn of garden.


Potting Mix

$ 12

Potting Mix

$ 20

Cow Manure Plus

$ 11

Coco Pro

$ 14

Garden Soil

$ 10

Garden Soil

$ 15

Mushroom Compost

$ 8