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Delivery Options

The Yard has a fleet of trucks of various sizes and we can deliver to anywhere on the Sunshine Coast & Hinterland.

Delivery cost are based on distance and time required. Due to current increasing fuel costs our prices are being reviewed regularly.  

Please call us on 5449 1234 to get a quote for delivery.

What is the minimum Delivery?

Our minimum delivery is 1 cubic metre.

How much can I get in a single Delivery?

Our small Fuso truck is only 2.1m wide so is good for narrow driveways and can carry 2.5m³ of heavy material such as Sand, Gravel, Road Base or Rock and 3m³ of a lighter material such as Mulch or Soil.

Our largest truck can take 8-9m³ of a heavy material such as Sand, Gravel or Road Base,  up to 10m³ soil and 25m³ of Mulch.

Can I get 2 products in a single Delivery?

YES!   We have a split truck that can take 2 materials at a time. It can hold 2m³-2.5 m³ of Sand, Gravel, Road Base, Soil or Rock  and 3-5m³ of a lighter material such as Mulch.

Will you unload off my drive or in 2 places?

WHEN  IT IS SAFE TO DO SO!   Our standard delivery of material is to your driveway.

Any other request is at the DISCRETION of the driver. Any damage and or vehicle recovery cost for these non standard deliveries is your responsibility.

What do I need to tell you about my delivery?

We NEED to know what access to your site is like so we can unload SAFELY.

This will determine which size truck we can send.

Please let us know when you are booking your delivery of any issues regarding access to your property including:

  • steepness and width of your drive 
  • limited space to turn around
  • difficult road turn due to road speed limits or drive angle

Complimentary Trailers

If you don't have your own trailer and need only a small amount of product you can borrow a trailer from us for up to 2 hours.

We have three complimentary trailers:

  • 1 without a cage that you can unload from all side. This can take 0.5 m³ of heavier materials such as soils, roadbase, gravel or rocks.
  • 1 with a low cage that is good for carrying 1-1.5 m³ of mulch. You can unload from the back gate only.
  • 1 heavy duty trailer with a medium cage that can take 0.5m-0.75 m³ of heavier material or1.5-2m³  of a lighter material such as mulch. This trailer has a brake and spare tire.

We also have a range of adapters for different size and shape connectors that you can also borrow. When you borrow the trailers we ask that you take care of them and return them CLEAN and REPORT any DAMAGE.