Spring into Aussie Plants

australian plantsAustralian plants are some of the most unique and beautiful plants on earth. So keep them looking their best by following these tips:

  • Nearly all natives prefer well drained soils, so build up the soil and create raised garden beds. Add a good quality composted soil mix that is free of weeds and pathogens (The Yard’s Landscape Mix). Mix with the existing topsoil and apply gypsum to the clay subsoil.
  • If you’re planting in the shade make sure you chose plants that are suited like native ferns, climbing frangipani & native violet.
  • Many natives especially grevilleas and banksias, are sensitive to phosphorus which is a major component of many chemical fertilisers. So use mild composted organic fertilisers or those formulated specifically for natives. These will give them a good boost without hurting them.
  • Now’s the time you will see new growth emerging on most of your natives, so give them a good tip prune. It will help turn them into dense, healthy plants. It’s also a good habit to snip off the tired or dead flowers.

For any queries come in and talk to the professional team at The Yard and browse the huge range of natives at the Doonan Valley Garden Centre.