Is your Property a Banquet?

vegetable gardenAs avid gardeners ourselves it is very interesting to observe that people are only just starting to treat their garden with the respect it deserves when it comes to design consideration and budget allocation.

While we are still a long way off the one-third principal of Permaculture (i.e. one third of the budget on the land, one third on the house, and one third on the landscaping), people are starting to realise that our climate is such that you spend most of your time outside, so the garden should be treated as another room of the house.

We encourage you to think outside the square and understand that if the house is the main course, planned properly, the garden can be the entrée, dessert and the aperitif.   While the house caters to your functional needs like food and shelter, the garden caters to your spiritual needs.

For those of you asking, what are spiritual needs? We suggest you save yourself a fortune in therapy and get down and dirty with your inner self in the garden.  We understand that planning your garden with your house might create more things to think about when you least need them, but, a few hours spent with a professional can make it a lot easier on you in the long run.

The issues most commonly created when it comes to building are, cutting off your access to the back yard therefore costing you a fortune later.  Secondly, many builders seem to be of the opinion that their rubbish is your treasure when buried in the garden and that topsoil merely gets in the way of good cement.