Decorative Pebble

decorative pebblesGravel is an inexpensive and flexible alternative to paving or lawn. It blends beautifully with plants, needs little maintenance, and can be used in both formal and informal designs.

Gravel is also a useful filler amongst other hard surfaces, or inirregularly shaped areas where paving will not fit easily and a lawn would be difficult to mow or too shady to grow.

Gravel comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours, all of which look different in the sun or shade or when wet or dry. The subtle change of colour and mood is one of the major appeals of gravel.  The cost of gravel is purely to do with how far it has to travel so the local gravel is always the cheapest and most practical (Mary River Gravel), however there are many others to choose from.

Gravel is a good choice for informal paths within the garden.  It conforms to any shape and can meander through the garden to break up the existing lines and textures.  It is important to have a firm base under the gravel, compacted road base is best.

Gravel can also be used in informal beds, which will require some kind of edging restraint to prevent the gravel from moving.  This can also be achieved by sinking the bed about 2 inches.  Try and get creative in your drainage areas by turning them into dry creek bed features that becomes a water feature in wet weather.  Informal areas look especially effective if some plants are grown through the gravel, either in beds with seamless edges where plants like mondo grass hang over the gravel or as individual specimen plants like baby bamboo.

Weed matt is essential to ensure the gravel doesn’t mix with the soil and the weeds don’t take over. Where plants are incorporated in the bed it is best to use a spunbonded weedmatt as it allows air and water to pass freely which is important for soil and plant health, woven matt can often make the soil sour through lack of air and water.

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