Aspect Design

noosa designHere in Noosa we are blessed with one of the best climates in the world not to mention its natural beauty.  It makes sense therefore to make the most of this by spending as much time as possible outside enjoying it.  Here are some tips in designing your outdoor space that will help you make the most of it all year round. First you must consider the aspect (eg, North facing).  This will determine what plants are best. Take specific notice of the path of the sun during the day and what areas get full sun.  While north facing is the easiest to work with you can achieve a good result with any aspect through careful planning and design. Next consider drainage and the movement of water both through the soil and over it.

Failure to account for our tropical downpours can see all your hard work & money wash away.  Also it is important to have good organic soil that will retain water in the dry times yet drain well in the wet.  Mulching is essential both for weed control and soil/plant health.

Finally consider the prevailing winds. A living screen in the right place can deflect salt winds or funnel cooling winds through your house.  Think of your yard as having rooms just like in the house, each with a designed purpose.  For example bbq area, kids play area, vege garden, orchard, formal garden, relaxation zone and water features. It will help create a better atmosphere if you define the boundaries between these “rooms” with screens or dense garden beds.

Remember these are just basic hints and there are many things to consider when designing your outdoor space.  It is well worth getting the help of a Qualified Professional.  For free advice call in at The Yard.